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27 April 2007 @ 04:55 pm
the answers to imdb.com game...  
1) Repo Man; Los Angeles California, cult favourite, x rayed skeleton
2) Casino; drug abuse, brutality, crime drama
3) Ferris... convertible, singing in shower, teen movie
4) Casablancaba; alcholism, american abroad
5) Wizard of Oz; dream like, good verus evil, friendship
6) the Empire Stikes Back ( episode V ) no opening credits, smuggler, princess
7) Open Your Eyes; ( remade as Vanilla Sky ) car accident, disfigurement, suicide
8) Some Like it Hot; roll switching, pursuit, farce
9) the Usual Suspects; mind game, bad guy, suspect
10) Apocalypse Now; Asia, atrocity, madness
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