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24 November 2006 @ 08:48 am
great way to start the day..... no not weetabix.  
waking up every morning with mini flu is starting to ps me off. last 4-5 days i've had to have a lemspip each time to get rid of it.


in other news, the little bunch who comes round mine and micks has reached that nice point where i've known mick himself for 18 months, nat for 2 years, teenybops ( yeah she's worked her way back in ) for 2 years n dave ( he's going out with teenybops which i'm all for ) for 6 months. so we are all at that point where we know each other pretty well n can all have a good laff together. it's good.

didn't go to town yesterday. might nip in today. it's just to take a CD back that skips a minute from the end of the last track. there's a ridiculously small scratch. i've a felling that it had been 'returned' before i unwittingly bought it. i've phoned up the shop, hmv, n they were cool 'bout it.

andy j never made it up as he had to work late last nite. will see him at his bro's thing tonight. i'm only gonna have a few pints tonite, prob play a bit of snooker. i think i might have to scrap going my mums on sunday as i gotta help a mate do something. i'll pop in to see her later on the way to meet up with andy j. hopefully get to see kate too.

i was looking back on weds nite with emily a bit yesterday n thinking 'bout it, it was pretty cool. q looking forward to seeing her next week.
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