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27 April 2007 @ 04:55 pm
1) Repo Man; Los Angeles California, cult favourite, x rayed skeleton
2) Casino; drug abuse, brutality, crime drama
3) Ferris... convertible, singing in shower, teen movie
4) Casablancaba; alcholism, american abroad
5) Wizard of Oz; dream like, good verus evil, friendship
6) the Empire Stikes Back ( episode V ) no opening credits, smuggler, princess
7) Open Your Eyes; ( remade as Vanilla Sky ) car accident, disfigurement, suicide
8) Some Like it Hot; roll switching, pursuit, farce
9) the Usual Suspects; mind game, bad guy, suspect
10) Apocalypse Now; Asia, atrocity, madness
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17 April 2007 @ 10:55 am
nicked this of the nobody girl...... ta for that.....

1. Go to IMDB.com and look up 10 of your favorite movies.
2. Post three official IMDB "Plot Keywords" for these 10 picks.
3. Have your friends guess the movie titles.

1) Los Angeles California, cult favourite, x rayed skeleton
2) drug abuse, brutality, crime drama
3) convertible, singing in shower, teen movie
4) bar, alcholism, american abroad
5) dream like, good verus evil, friendship
6) no opening credits, smuggler, princess
7) car accident, disfigurement, suicide
8) roll switching, pursuit, farce
9) mind game, bad guy, suspect
10) Asia, atrocity, madness

these really aren't that hard.....

1 of them is a foreign film that had a hollywood reamke, 8 of them are well known with most of them having classic status, the other 1 is a well known cult favourite. should be a piece of piss.....
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29 November 2006 @ 01:37 pm
this is journal is going friends only v.soon ( by next proper post, which will / should be 2mrw ) as i have a feeling someone i really don't want to is reading.....

off to the match tonight..............
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24 November 2006 @ 08:48 am
waking up every morning with mini flu is starting to ps me off. last 4-5 days i've had to have a lemspip each time to get rid of it.


in other news, the little bunch who comes round mine and micks has reached that nice point where i've known mick himself for 18 months, nat for 2 years, teenybops ( yeah she's worked her way back in ) for 2 years n dave ( he's going out with teenybops which i'm all for ) for 6 months. so we are all at that point where we know each other pretty well n can all have a good laff together. it's good.

didn't go to town yesterday. might nip in today. it's just to take a CD back that skips a minute from the end of the last track. there's a ridiculously small scratch. i've a felling that it had been 'returned' before i unwittingly bought it. i've phoned up the shop, hmv, n they were cool 'bout it.

andy j never made it up as he had to work late last nite. will see him at his bro's thing tonight. i'm only gonna have a few pints tonite, prob play a bit of snooker. i think i might have to scrap going my mums on sunday as i gotta help a mate do something. i'll pop in to see her later on the way to meet up with andy j. hopefully get to see kate too.

i was looking back on weds nite with emily a bit yesterday n thinking 'bout it, it was pretty cool. q looking forward to seeing her next week.
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last thurs me n mick went up town on a spending spree with the £ we'd put aside for some villa games over the xmas period as 1 of the other lads had dropped out n we reasoned they were all on the tv / internet anyway so we'd treat ourselves.

had a right good spend up as it was the 1st time that i've had any spare cash for a while n picked up some great buys, and things i'd meant to get a while ago, in the hmv sale. the virgin sale is also good too. we did plan to go the hill afterwards n play pool but all the gimps in town blagged our head so we headed for home.

on the friday the ox turned up early doors. was great catching up with him. we went to go to metalheaz at the custard factory with nat but they ID'd ox, despite been him 6 foot odd. i said to the bouncer, ' so you're saying he looks 17?' n he said, 'no, i'm saying he hasn't got any photo ID' what a tw@. it was all new bouncers n i heard they were being pricks to loads of people. i was a bit gutted as i'd been looking forward to it. ( i later heard it was a cracker :/ oh well )

not that we got in like :/ bah.

so we got a cab to the boiler room, which was ok tho the drum n bass room at the back was a bit crap but that was prob cos i had been expecting to be at metalheadz instead. there was a good live hip hop band on in between the dj's in the main room. they've got a myspaz naturally... http://www.myspace.com/beatbullyz

i haven't really been the boiler room much the last year or two n it was defnlty a younger / studentier crowd than i rmbr altho that could of just been 'cos of the night that was on. http://www.heducation.com/

stopped the cab for kebabs in selly oak on the way home. lol. kebab shop was full of single student guys. lol.

went out to the countryside on saturday. was quality. went down moseley on the nite. stef cancelled whilst we were on the way but it didn't matter as we were meeting adam in the bulls head. he'd brought along his housemate, james, who i'd met at his party last week n a spanish bloke off his course called manuel who i'm positive i've met at least once before through him.

the bulls head was good, as always. there was a old soul / funk thing upstairs which we checked out for a bit before we moved on to the fighting cocks or whatever it's called now again. yet another refurb but i liked it n it was q vibey in there. we went to go to o'neills but there looked a right bunch in there so which we just went str8 to pat kav's which was great. a girl got chatting to me n she was pretty sound. things were just about to get more interesting when her ex turned up. the min i clocked him i sensed he was bad news with bad history between them. i just let them get on with it but i was a bit sad for her n my blood was boiling a bit as this guy was clearly a cun+, especially as now it had turned 12 it was her bday. as a result of that i didn't really get chance to say bye to her but her mate had given me her number earlier ;)

matt ended up throwing up outside the pub before we got a cab n ox had a kebab n whilst waiting for it to be made found 2 girls who needed dropping off which cost me an extra tenner. cheers ox. lol. so it had been two q good nites out in a row. will have to get down moseley again before xmas. i must try n meet up with stef n rod as well down there.

on sunday went out to the countryside again which was just what i needed. played football when we got back. had been a very long weekend. i haven't put any pictures up from villa's game as there were no goals. lol. thankfully i missed it, just listening to snippets on the radio in the car. a point away is ok. wigan ain't a bad team at all n were going for five wins on the trot.

we played football again on monday. ox had to get back to kiddy for 'bout 4 ish so he left at 3.30pm.

i was meant to meet the girl on monday nite but i cancelled it for her as i could tell it was gonna be difficult for her as her car had been playing up. we said we'd meet up later in the week, prob weds.

went round my mums for a bit on tues n me n kate got to have a good chat about stuff, well me, her n mum etc. went round micks and watched the celtic match on the nite. was a great win n i was really happy for steve and lee.

met up with emily in town on wednesday nite. we didn't really have any plan where to go, i had thought the hill maybe with the troc as a backup, so we headed for bar academey but it looked a bit crap there so we went in to scruffys. it wasn't to bad n we just about got some seats n i even noticed metallica been played amongst all the other rock. we left there when loads of students form aston uni came in wearing pink t shirts :/

we went to go in the crown but emily saw that there were more pink t shirts in there ( obviously straglers, a pub behind ) so we went in to yates over the road n pretty much had the place to ourselves. had a game of pool n another pint n smoked more fags whilst emily listened to me ramble on. end of the nite she got a cab back to hers n i got the bus home. lol. she says she wants to see me again so we're gonna meet up next week again. i would prefer to go back down moseley. will have to see if that's cool with her. also i don't want it to look like i'm putting pressure on her to go back to her's after as she don't live to far from moseley. i swear i'm 1 of the least pushy people you'll ever meet, just my attitude to work n £ is testament to to that and any regular readers ( if there are any lol ) should no my way of doing things by now, but sometimes i think i can accidentaly come across that way without meaning to. maybe everyone can??

if she hadn't of turend up i would of been a little bit dissapointed but not that bothered, reasoning at least i'd got a tidy flat now. lol. i was fairly sure she'd turn up tho after a couple of chats on the phn n some txting etc.

so we'll just see how it goes...

oh and i've been offered a ( legal ) job through a mate anytime i want one but i'll wait till the new year to start sorting it out as it's outside work. q good £ too.

things could be changing or they could just stay the same.... lol.

thurs plan;

andy j is meant to be coming up for tea.
might nip in to town late afternoon.

fri plan;

going to a do for andy j's bro's 30th at the triplex on the nite.

sat plan;

big shop
hopefully watch villa game on net

might get a kickaround in afterwards
might see if super kev field wants to come round on the nite

sun plan;

go my mums maybe.
man utd - chelsea is on. might mee tup with dave c down the hib or the camp.
valencia - real madrid i so on too.
do some chilling.
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23 November 2006 @ 10:01 am
npower are still a bunch of pricks. british gas always will be. i hope npower will change their ways but i can only see things getting worse.....
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new user pic, pro evo 6 screenshot of the wonderfully named spain and valencia forward david villa.

swap + cash for baros?? would be nice....
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17 November 2006 @ 04:07 pm
Metalheadz at the Custard Factory. EDIT; banner took down to due to it switching to the 1 for the next 1 on dec 8th.

should be a good un....

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17 November 2006 @ 04:04 pm

why do golfers take 2 jumpers out on the course?? in case they get a hole in 1. lol. groan.
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15 November 2006 @ 06:11 pm
when you've hardly been out the flat in the last 4 days it probably isn't the best idea to make your 1st outing a trip up to the shops in the november damp. god, it was awful there n i felt slashing my wrists right there n then outside the grovesnor centre. i swear the local docs must of had a pill doling out frenzy, everyone looked monged n seemed medicated past their eyeballs, even those working in the shops. i think it could be a while till we see any sun again round here......

toyed with the idea of going down the pub with mick to play a bit of pool but thought that booze n blowing £ might just things worse so took the safe option n went back to bed instead.

1 bright spot of the day was the ox had phoned me out of the blue n said he was gonna come up on friday so it will be good to see him n we can go to metalheadz on the nite n have a laff. god knows i need 1...... not sure wether 5 or 6 hours of moody drum n bass will provide it though.....

andy j cancelled coming up as he's having some wardrobes delivered. thats a very original excuse i must admit. lol. god damn ikea they fuk evthng up don't they? the modern day MFI. lol.

as i'm awake i might as well watch the england game. we'll prob get mullered. lol.

pizza 4 tea.

fuk it, life ain't all sitting around eating jelly babies i guess....
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